CCTV Installation, CCTV Systems in Manchester

Closed circuit television serves many functions and is used
in both public and private settings. The prevention of crime
(i.e. personal and property) is among its primary objectives in
public space.

Advanced Detection Systems Ltd has been providing leading edge CCTV products to a growing customer base since 1991. Through personal experience we can determine what system design will work for your specific situation to provide an innovative, scientific method for contributing to evidence based prevention of crime.

Examples of available systems as follows:

Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome CCTV cameras are rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of standard surveillance camera for many installations due to their discrete and aesthetically pleasing appearance together their high performance characteristics. Dome CCTV cameras also offer the advantage that it is very difficult for an intruder etc. to determine exactly where the camera is looking and so therefore, the deterrent effect is greatly enhanced. There is an extensive range of dome CCTV surveillance cameras from discrete mini dome cameras with fixed or varifocal lenses to high-speed internal or external colour cameras capable of moving at speeds of 360 degrees per second and zooming in over considerable distances.

Standard CCTV Surveillance Cameras

There is a vast selection of standard CCTV surveillance cameras available in monochrome (black & white) or colour. Cameras that are capable of 'seeing' in the dark, cameras for internal or external observation, cameras with audio facilities to allow operators to 'listen in' as well as see what is happening in the area of observation. Fixed surveillance cameras for specific observation or PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) cameras capable of surveillance of large areas. Whatever the requirement we will almost certainly have a product to suit the purpose.

Covert and Concealed Surveillance Cameras

We are able to supply a complete range of covert and concealed or disguised cameras for discrete observation and monitoring where it is important that the location of the camera is not identifiable. Cameras can be supplied concealed within wall clocks, smoke detectors, alarm detectors or lever arch shelf files for example as well as pinhole lens cameras capable of observation and surveillance through very small apertures.

Where required ADS Ltd can provide an out of hours discrete installation service and temporary rental packages are available. Obviously any covert CCTV surveillance system must be installed in a responsible manner that respects the privacy and dignity of the individual and must also comply with any local legislation such as the Data Protection Act in the UK.

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