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NHS Trusts, GP surgeries and across the Public sector faced
increasing levels of violence. Last year, 116,000 incidents of
violence and aggression against NHS staff alone were reported
— an increase of 4,000 on previous figures.

Personal security has never been so important. The risk to staff is real and ever present in many ordinary activities and public facing roles. Every day, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are regularly exposed to a risk of personal harm, whilst going about their own lawful occupations.

The danger may arise from the people your employees have to meet or deal with, or from the people they pass by or move amongst as they carry out their roles and duties, or from any other unforeseen incident or accident.

Some jobs and functions are clearly more high risk than others, but even in relatively "safer" occupations the likelihood of a distressing or damaging experience.

When and if something does happen to one of your staff, a personal staff alarm system can be used to summon assistance, to indicate a location, or to disconcert or frighten off an attacker. Often saving a very unpleasant experience from becoming an extremely nasty one.

Many employers now recognise that they have a moral obligation to provide staff with conferdance that such unpleasant encounters or incidents shall be minimised by the presence of Personal Staff Alarms, and also that there are considerable "internal relations" and "duty of care" benefits from so doing.

In today's workplace, organisations of all sizes recognise the likelihood of threats to there staff. ADS provides a package that centrally monitors department static and wireless panic alarm systems. by utilising your organisation's existing IT network or by providing a private network.

The implementation of a PC Based system can enable fast responce to incedents within your organisation, providing individuals with safty and security within their own work space. Installing Staff Personal Alarms is good for your people, good evidence of your concern for staff welfare (and therefore good for you, the employer) and could even save a life.

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