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We have all experienced the application of public address systems at one time or another in our day-to-day life. We see and hear Public Address systems in use in Hotels, Football Grounds, Shopping Centres, Banks, Post Offices, Supermarkets, Offices, Factories and Concert Venues to name but a few.

In basic terms a Public Address system utilises microphones, amplifiers and speakers to provide an audio announcement or provision of information to a specified group of people. This could be office staff, keeping customers informed of promotions within a shop or public service announcements etc.

Studies have shown that the use of background music within Public Address systems can improve staff morale, productivity, and the workplace environment. It has also been demonstrated that the type or speed of music played can influence a customer's actions e.g. browsing for longer, shopping more quickly.

Public Address systems can easily be installed as a simple stand- alone system or it can be integrated within CCTV, Access Control or Fire Alarm Systems. One of the most flexible features of Public Address is its vast range of use, from a simple system within a doctor's surgery to a complex system such as is used in an international airport.

Public Address can be used in a number of applications from small retail outlets to large terminal buildings. For a meeting with our advisor, please contact us and we will arrange a free visit.

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